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Lower elementary

Maple & Acorn Classroom

Lower Elementary Program

Ages 6 years to 10 years


The Lower Elementary is a direct continuation of the the Primary classroom. The curriculum allows the concepts of the Primary class to be extended and pushed from concrete to abstract. We offer lessons ranging from the formation of the universe to higher order mathematics. The children do not learn only by memorization, they learn also by conceptual analysis. Because we do not teach to the test, we are able to allow children to explore special interests and make their own discoveries.

In addition to the five areas of learning, a large part of the Elementary education, that begins in Lower and continues to Upper Elementary, is what Maria Montessori called "Cosmic Education," a concept that addresses the child’s place in the universe while sparking their curiosity and resulting in new discoveries about the world at large. As is true at every level of a Montessori education, and in conjunction with the use of Montessori materials, lessons are presented when they match developmental readiness and serve to increase learning.


In the Lower Elementary environment, the children gain responsibility through setting goals for themselves, learn time management, organize projects and utilize a variety of resources. Students also learn appreciation of other cultures and peaceful techniques for conflict resolution. At Clever Oaks we strive to follow authentic Montessori philosophies, which allows the child the opportunity to ignite their inner spark and passion for learning.

Children play outdoors at least once a day, weather permitting; otherwise there is an indoor gross motor environment. Additionally, enrichment programs for Lower Elementary children include Physical Education, Spanish, Art, Music and Garden classes.

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