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Come and join us for the summer camp this year! Please bring your application plus the registration fee.

Thank you!

Clever Oaks Administration

Summer is approaching us! Are you ready? We are now accepting applications for summer camp! Clever Oaks Summer Camp is set to start on Monday, June 10, 2019.  Below you will find the registration and rate sheet for our summer camp.  This year we will be offering off-site field trips every session for full-time campers who are 4 years and older.

Summer campers will enjoy an exciting action-packed summer, balanced between enriching learning experiences and fun-filled on-site and off-site field trips to a variety of attractions throughout Broward County.

Art, water activities, fun with food, yoga, gardening, science projects, art projects, cooking, music and age-appropriate sport activities are just a few of the many activities our campers will enjoy!